Re: CN boxcars

Ian Cranstone

On 6-May-07, at 3:49 PM, destron@... wrote:
I've found photos of CN boxcars numbered 11069 (1939 build date) and 11128
(1942? build date), but these aren't listed in my 1953 ORER. Does anyone
know if these were renumbered at some point?
The 11xxx block on CN was reserved for box-baggage cars (passenger service), which is why they didn't appear in the ORERs -- although 10xxx express reefers did. Go figure!

Anyways, the 11069 was part of the 11050-11099 series built by Canadian Car & Foundry in 6/1939, and the 11128 part of the 11100-11149 series built by the same builder in 5-6/1943. Both of these cars were renumbered in later years -- although not in the way that you are suggesting -- the 11069 was rebuilt to a roofless wood chip car in 12/1973 and renumbered 857117, whereas the 11128 was rebuilt to a generator car for work train service in 8/1976 and renumbered 43039.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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