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Paul Lyons


Thank you very much, as the roof detail jpg as it clearly answers my question.

The door in Sunshine kit 78.3 is a bit to long and the hangars way to big, but now that I know the correct relationship of the door track and the structural "leg at the roof, I can clean things up and all should work.

I want to also thank Jerry Stewart who sent a couple of scans off list that helped clarified my confusion.

I am not sure how I built resin kits before this list and the resources on it.

Paul Lyons
Laguna Niguel, CA

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I am struggling with placing the doors on a SOO Sunshine 78.3 Kit.
This is the kit that models SOO series cars #40200-41798, built in
1928-29, with top supported Youngstown doors, Dreadnaught ends.

I only have the photo in the kit's Prototype Data Sheet to work
with and it is not real sharp, but I am not sure the Sunshine side
casting is correct for this series car. In the photo, I do not see the
very distinct flat plate side projection, or the "leg" of a Z bar at
the top of the truss. If this series does have this distinct SOO
feature, then the roof seems to have a greater side overhang where the
door track can stuck under the roof.

The Sunshine side casting for kit 78.3 is the exactly same one as
in the kit 78.1, but the prototype photos seem to tell another story.

Yours, or any other listers help will be appreciated.

Paul Lyons
Laguna Niguel, CA

I can't help with any comments on the actual construction of the kits,
as I've not had time to build them. I've also had someone tell me that
the end ladder grab ioron locates are wrong, and don't line up with
the side grabs.

As Brian Leppart pointed out, a while back I uploaded some photos that
should be helpful. The link to the whole subdirectory is:


I see that I didn't include the roster, which I will try to correct today.

The detail of the door track and it's position relative to the roof
overhand is shown here:


This detail shot is of SOO 41146 at IRM. Since the angle does not show
the roof overhang well, also see:


This is a close-up of the corner of one of the 1926 WC caes, but the
roof / side connection is the same.


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