Re: Freight Conductor's Train Book

Larry Fink

You're right about the BREX. Closer inspection of the entry
indicates that the car number is 74782.

FGEX 108999 had too many 9's (10899).

Your suggestion for URTX instead of URTS is correct.

The conductor wrote UP as the reporting mark on X1451 car 60, and the
remaining 10 cars were completely blank in the reporting mark
column. I agree that they are very likely PFE, and since the car
numbers appear to be valid PFE numbers, I'll change them.

I'll update the file tonight (Sunday).

You make a good point that the uninformed should recognize that the
car order of the list is from rear, forward.

Remind me, what was the issue with GN 31317 class?


--- In STMFC@..., "Russ Strodtz" <sheridan@...> wrote:


Thanks for the info. On CB&Q wheel reports were from the
rear end but setout lists were supposed to be from the
head end. Conductors had to do a lot of writing.

My observations:

X3569: Line 18 BREX 24782 is a bad number. Might be ART
or SFRD but not BREX. Think the WFEX behind is has been
mentioned by someone else. MDT 41825 would certainly be
a relic. FGEX 108999? Either wrong initials or an extra
number, probably a PFE car.

X1451: Line 28 "URTS" should be "URTX". Line 36 GN 31317,
think those cars have been discussed enough! Lines 60 thru
70 are questionable. Must be mostly PFE's.


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