Re: ADMIN: STMFC Policies Regarding Evaluations of Published Works

Russ Strodtz <sheridan@...>


Agreed. But I think it needs to be said that you can not
provide information if you are not asked.

Some years ago someone authoring a book asked me for
photos and some specific information. They were not
interested in roster information or dispositions in
regards to the road I worked for and had fairly well
documented. The book came out and I call attention to
some errors. The response I got seemed to be worded so
I would feel guilty because I did not provide unsolicited

Felt that it was sort of a cheap shot since the original
request targeted specifics.

Gotta go now, got some hot stuff I just found that I have
to hide until the time is right.


Speaking of errors in published works, I will bow to the need to
about a pet peeve. Namely the tendency of what I might call a
"collector of
information" to withhold it from authors only later to "spring"
forth with a
correction when the author is published. Fortunately the STMFC
is not home
to such "collectors".

Mike Brock

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