U S Army boxcars

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On the subject of U.S. Army boxcars, I previously raised the issue of 40 box cars with USA reporting marks (# 24167, 24169-82, 24184-88, 24190-95, 24197-24210) listed in the CB&Q ORER's in 1947 and 1948.

Comments at the time were -
"I guess that these box cars were "leased" by the CB&Q to as a convenient way to allow them into interchange service. There may have been a shortage of cars to haul ammunition, or they may have had special equipment to haul particular items. I doubt that they were released for general service".
"The Army historically used what by many standards would be considered outdated rolling stock (Navy & Air Force too for that matter). However some were in captive service so they were not as worn out as one might think considering their age."

The dimensions were shown as 36' 6" IL, 37' 9" OL, 8' 6" IW, 7' 10" IH, and 2432 cu. ft. capacity. Is anyone able to suggest a builder or build date for these.


Rupert Gamlen
Auckland NZ

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