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Ray Meyer

I am not trying to be derogatory; I am saying that I don't see the RTR
collector and the craftsman as being in the same hobby. There is a common
thread of trains but that is all.

I guess I get irked when, as it has happened to me several times, I have put
in a great effort to build an unusual piece of equipment or a building in
great detail, and a few months later it is available RTR. My work suddenly
is greatly diminished.

I am also concerned that the RTR fad is taking the industry from supplying
the basic materials and parts that I need to do something different. That
is the reason I belong to this list - to get information that takes my
efforts at craftsmanship to a higher level.

And how do you build a "great model railroad" if all you are doing is
rearranging the same building and rolling stock in a different pattern? I
do not begrudge anyone their pleasure in how they use their free time, but
my curmudgeonly self thinks the "hobby" is becoming little more than an
exercise of the bourgeoisie wallet to create nothing of interest.

And I will not post my carping again.........

On 5/10/07, Charlie Vlk <cvlk@...> wrote:


One of the strengths of Model Railroading is that it has such a broad
range of activities that you can become
involved with....
Is it necessary to make "Toy Trains" and "RTR" derogatory terms? All those
"out of the box" people help
finance the specialty kits, parts, and scratchbuilding supplies because
the sales to "your" end of the Hobby
doesn't pay the rent and keep the lights on in any local hobby shop.
Let's get back to our sharing our passion for Steam Era Freight Cars and
stop worrying that someone else
is in denial and really isn't a Modeler.
Charlie Vlk

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