Re: Preweathered Model Comment

Frank Greene

"Ray Meyer" <rgmeyer2@...> wrote:
I guess I get irked when, as it has happened to me several times, I have put in a great effort to build an unusual piece of equipment or a building in great detail, and a few months later it is available RTR. My work suddenly is greatly diminished.

Ray, don't be so hard on yourself! My personal satisfaction from doing the best I can to build a model will always override the knowledge that thousands of "clones" are running around or sitting on collectors' shelves. Besides, how accurate is that "clone"? Is the paint, lettering, fit and finish as good as yours? Wasn't yours first? I try not to get too wrapped up in who else has one like mine. Besides, how many models have I built based on someone else's article or clinic, and how many kits have I built following the enclosed instructions, decals, and paint suggestions? Didn't that also result in a "clone"?

My point is, remember the satisfaction of completing the model and the pride of ownership, they should still be with you after you see the full color announcement of the "clone" in MR, price TBA, availability sometime in the future.

Frank Greene
Memphis, TN

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