Re: Preweathered Model Comment

Malcolm H. Houck

Can't anyone image an individual who is a fanatic on locomotive detailing,
or builds outstanding prototypical scenery and just doesn't care as much for
building and weathering freight cars?

That being a category into which I might be placed.......................but
yet, while I can mill, cut, solder, drill and manufacture etchings for steam
engine tender and boiler wrappers at my home shop, and have then created
five dioramas which were used as the settings for parts of two RMC articles
[along with several others that've not yet made it to publication]............I
don't concentrate a great deal on freight cars. I've built many in the past,
but my efforts now are concentrated on scratch building steam locomotives and
completing a substantial passenger car roster.....

Some of the comments and information from the various threads on this list
have caused me to look more critically at the freight car fleet that I already
have, and to more critically select freight car projects that I do undertake.

I can, however appreciate the passion and enthusiasm for those who regularly
post to this list, and I enjoy the activity, as I guess 'tis now called, of
"lurking." I do passionately feel that there's room for many sorts in this
hobby, and more aspects of it (than in nearly any other hobby) and that is one
of the features I think I may enjoy most; -- seeing what it is that interests
other, but to the common pursuit.

Mal Houck

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