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Tony, Can I join you in being a carmudgeon? I strive to make my
models better! I don't like the folks who condem what I show. I
insist on defining the hohby for myself. Push us a little and we'll
define carmudgeon to you! <GG>
Lindsay Smith
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Greg Martin wrote:
2.) We should all Challenge ourselves to take the next step, from
where ever you are now to a level more likened to a Crafsman,
you do strive for authenticity.
Nope. Some will choose just to have fun. We don't HAVE to
challenge ourselves unless that is the kind of hobby we want.
Personally, Greg, I'm with you, but many aren't.
My gripe is with the guys who just want to have fun--a
choice, in my mind--but then complain about "rivet counting" and
"elitism" and so forth. Scroom all.

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