Re: Modeler/Craftsman/Modeler Historian

Russ Strodtz <sheridan@...>

Or, for that matter, make those that are just on
the borderline know for sure they are unwelcome.


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>Frank Valoczy wrote:
>> Is it elitist? I don't know. I can see others looking at it
that way,
>> sure; from my own point of view, it isn't, though.
>The bozos who use elitism as a form of complaint seem to define
>it as, "you're much more skillful/more knowledgeable than me
and I
>don't want you to remind me of it." [ducking for cover]
>Tony Thompson

Mike, are ad hominem commentaries now welcome on STMFC? I am
starting to think I don't belong here, since I derive no
from denigrating other model railroaders. (Although I have been
known to make jests occasionally.)

Tim O'Connor

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