Re: Modeler/Craftsman/Modeler Historian

Tim O'Connor

Tom Madden wrote

We've plowed this ground before. See STMFC post #21170 from almost
four years ago. Tony Koester used it as the basis for an MR "Trains
of Thought" column.
That is correct Tom, we have been here before, too often. But when I
read the people who disagree with Tony are "bozos" it makes me wonder
if anyone remembers your old posting. The same name-calling/labeling
has been sprouting over on the RPM group... maybe it's just a seasonal
thing, I don't know. I do know there are many "experts" here who have
not built a model in many years, while many of the so-called "bozos"
are prolific modelers, even if many of their models are not 100%
accurate historical replicas. Oh well maybe I'm just out of step.

Certainly I've read here recently that I should not say anything at
all unless I know with utter certainty that what I am writing is 100%
irrefutable historical truth. And since I never worked for a railroad
and have only a paltry few actual historical documents, I guess I'd
better just shut up.

Tim O'

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