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Tom Madden wrote

We've plowed this ground before. See STMFC post #21170 from almost
four years ago. Tony Koester used it as the basis for an MR "Trains
of Thought" column.
That is correct Tom, we have been here before, too often. But when I
read the people who disagree with Tony are "bozos" it makes me wonder
if anyone remembers your old posting.
It's not anyone that disagrees with Tony Koester that was being
reffered to with contempt. It was anyone that would inappropriately
label somone who does try to do better as elitist or whatever else.
What's wrong with standing up for oneself if you happen to push the
envelope a bit? I suppose one should avoid calling anyone names at
all, but the term bozo is not all that harsh to decribe someone that
would put down another for doing better or having more knowledge. -
Jim Pasquill

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