Re: Tichy underframe/Kadee 58s

Rob & Bev Manley

As I prepare my fleet of Steam era cars for each show I examine them for broken detail parts and mechanical failures. When I sopt errant couplers I replace them with #78s if I have the time. If it's possible I'll redo the draft gear mounting or to accept the narrower profile of the 78. The Kato covered hopper is a good example of a car that needs a total replacement as that draft gear only works for thier non-prototypic coupler. I'm not trying to make the perfect freight car every time but I think my cars deserve it.

Rob Manley

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The Tichy underframe that comes with the USRA SS kit has a bit more
play in the coupler box pivot pin than I think it should. I found some
sleeves that came with some other Kadee couplers, but they don't quite
fit over the pin.
One option is to replace the coupler box with the Kadee box, but I
thought the Tichy box looked better. Had I known, I might have gone
with the Kadee 78 box/coupler. Or, does the Kadee work fine without
any modification? I can't be the first to have stumbled into this. I
used the McHenry scale coupler on my PMcK&Y rebuild, and the McHenry
has a different spring setup. I think the Kadee spring would require a
more precise coupler mounting, but I could be wrong.
Doe the Kadees work fine, or do I need to modify/replace the coupler
Dean Payne

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