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Recently browsing in a volume of the "Railroad Age Gazette" for
1909, which incidentally was in the heyday of the PRR proclamation of
itself as the "Standard Railway of the World," I came across an annoyed
letter about PRR practices (Vol. 46, p. 202). The writer sums up his
letter thus:
"Let us hear from the literary artists of the Pennsylvania's
press bureau on this phase of life on their superlatively excellent
Hmmm. Maybe it warn't all beer and skittles even in 1909. <g>

Nah! It was and is jealousy. When you are the biggest, when one class of
your freight cars exceeds the total freight car fleet of each of the other
class one roads except 4 (UP, SP, ATSF & NYC)-- N&W might squeak in there -- you
come to expect these pot shots. But it is only slightly less annoying than
a pellet gun being used to take shots at the Bismark. <g>

Rich Orr

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