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Garth & Fellow Steamers,
I remember Garth posting on this earlier, and
meant to post to him about it off-list: but now I'll post to the
group since it is deemed worthy of discussion.
In almost three years, off and on, on the web I have yet to get
spammed. A great deal of that time has also been spent being
connected to Yahoo! ( I am no big fan of Yahoo! either.) I have
absolutely no idea why some of you are getting spammed, and I am
not. I am very careful about where I post my e-mail address, and to
who it is given.
Since the e-Groups/Yahoo! merger, I probably belong to 20+
different groups, and have yet to recieve one piece of spam. I use a
rather small, local, hometown ISP as opposed to some monstoer like
AOL. Maybe that makes a difference, I don't know.

Warren Dickinson
Elkton, KY

--- In STMFC@y..., "Garth G. Groff" <ggg9y@v...> wrote:
Dear friends:

Since this group opened for business, I have noticed a great
increase in
SPAM posts in my e-mail. Many, though not all, come from the domain
"". I believe this is the price we pay for a "free" group,
especially since Yahoo took over Onelist. However, I am thoroughly
of "make a million dollars" schemes, ads for ANIMAL HOUSE clone
and solicitations for laser toner cartridges from Georgia (reputed
to be
a scam).

If this is a worthy topic to discuss here (it is related to the
administration of our group), I would like to have other members
thoughts on this. I am contemplating a filter which would block the
"" domain, though I wonder if it would also affect the
"" which our group operates. Any thoughts on this?

I might add that a filter is only a partial solution to SPAM. Most
posters frequently change their addresses and their subject lines
sneak around any filters receivers may create. They also use false
addresses, which make direct requests to be removed impossible.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions, but since my e-mail is
by my employer on a state-owned machine, I am not allowed to mount
unauthorized blocking software.

Kind regards,

Garth G. Groff

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