Re: Postwar Freight Car book

CJ Riley

You might try the web

CJ Riley

--- Lawrence Rast <> wrote:

I had emailed the NMRA several weeks ago encouraging them to reprint the

Might be worth a try...

Lawrence Rast

On 5/23/07, radius158 <> wrote:

---How does one go about preordering this ?? Doug Gardner

In <>, "Lawrence Rast"
<rastlr@...> wrote:

Got the same call. Jumped this time. :)

Lawrence Rast

On 5/21/07, lnnrr <lnnrr@...> wrote:

Just got a call from NMRA. The second printing order for the
Postwar Freight Car Fleet book is underway at the publishers.
Delivery to NMRA in 5 to 8 weeks. Back orders will of course be
first. I procrastinated and missed out on the first run. If you
like me, now is your best second shot at getting your order in for
this well recommended book.
Charles Peck

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