NP '37 AAR Boxcars

Andy Carlson

Matt Herson brought up some interesting details about the 15000-17999 series of NP 10' IH 40' boxcars.

I notice that almost all of manufactured HO 10' IH AAR boxcars utilize pre-war Youngstown doors of the 5/6/5 "Short" style. (The "short" is my preferred way to differentiate the door's 3 section's jpoint panel- a short is virtually the same as a regular panel, while the "medium" and "tall" have splice panels readily discernable from the doors panels).

These NP cars did use pre-war Youngstown 5/6/5 doors, though the splice panels on these NP doors were of the "tall" spacing variety. Fortunately we do have a good 6' 5/6/5T EYD, a door Intermountain supplies with their "Modified" AAR Boxcar (10'6" IH).

Intermountain also has ladder sprues for 8 rung ladders for 10'0 IH cars, unfortunately you need two sets to get both side AND end ladders. The sprue does have some extra short ladders which could be donors for the missing 8th rung for the IM 7 rung end ladders. (The end ladders are 7 rung because IM tooled these ladders for the GN 12 panel 10'0 IH 12 panel boxcars. GN used a drop grap for the first step on the car's ends.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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