Re: Prototype verification, or not

Tim O'Connor

Where did you get your information?

Beats me! :-) No, seriously, from Ed Hawkins RMJ 10/1999 roster
but it's possible I took bad notes. Yes, I should have checked
that 10/89 photo since I knew about that too.

Looking at it now, my notes may pertain mostly to 25000-25499.

In any case if Schuyler is correct and the model is really IRC's
1937 AAR 10'0"IH body, then it's a moot point.


I was going by information in Ed Hawkins
article in RMJ. The handbrake in the photo of 29756 (October 1989 RMJ, or
Page 70 of Freight Car Models Vol II) is definitely a Universal Type 5700 XL
Hand brake with M1704 malleable iron hand wheel (Ref RPC 10 page 46.).
Actually, I can't be certain about the hand brake, but I am sure about the
wheel. The running board does not look like Apex either, and the trucks do
not appear to have the bulbous lower spring support typical of ASF A-3 ride
control truck, they look more like Barber S-2's (RPC 4) but I wasn't sure so
I didn't mention them in my first email

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