Re: Prototype verification, or not, NP 29500-29999

Russ Strodtz <sheridan@...>


Have set up a photo album which will include the "photos
car" in this series. Yes, I realize that the truck and
underframe view are probably not of the exact car that
is identified but I'm operating on the basis that AC&F
used components from the correct series.

I do not know if the Moderator has approved these yet,
I've done as much as I can.


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>Where did you get your information?


Beats me! :-) No, seriously, from Ed Hawkins RMJ 10/1999 roster
but it's possible I took bad notes. Yes, I should have checked
that 10/89 photo since I knew about that too.

Looking at it now, my notes may pertain mostly to 25000-25499.

In any case if Schuyler is correct and the model is really IRC's
1937 AAR 10'0"IH body, then it's a moot point.


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