Re: Prototype verification, or not


There was a nice article in MM on modelling/upgrading the IMWX 10'
1937 AAR cars by Dennis Hitt a while back. Also some good pics on
Fallen Flags of 15788 and 17497 in the as delivered scheme showing
Monad placement (as per Matt's post).

If one actually wants to --- In, "Matt Herson"
<mherson@...> wrote:

Schuyler and Group,

For a NP 1937 AAR box car the number series should be 15000-17999.
Some cars were renumbered but that happened after the cut off date for
this list. The paint scheme is a representation of an as built car
(1940-1) and I have seen a photo taken in the early 1950s of a car
still in this scheme. However the Monad on the right side of the car
should be centered on the middle side panel between the door and car
end. On the model the Monad is too close to the door. The cars had
wood running boards until scrapping or removal. Can't tell from the
photo but the car should have 8 rung ladders.

Hope this helps.

Matt Herson

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