Re: SAL "Silver Comet" or "Silver Star "decals?


Thanks, but Ted's excellent decal only has the Silver Meteor slogan.
Been there...Can anyone confirm what slogan Champ HB-8 has?

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Doesn't the Speedwitch SAL set have these in it? I think it does...
it has
the Robert E Lee slogan, I'd be surprised if it didn't have these.

Frank Valoczy,
New Westminster, BC

Looking for HO Seaboard Air Line decals with the "Silver Comet" or
"Silver Star" slogan for 24300-499, 24800-999 and 25300-499 PS-1
boxcar series built from 1948-52. Everyone makes the "Meteor" slogan
for other cars, but I can't find these two at the usual suspects. Any
Thanks in advance
Stefan Lerche'
Duncan, BC

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