BC Electric boxcar - door?


Posted to the files section a photo named "BCE X50.jpg"; this was found
on-line without any credits.

The photo is probably from around 1975, given that the bridge visible in
the background was built in 1974/75 and opened to traffic in August of
1975; the car, however, definitely predates 1964 - the "BCE" markings
refer to the British Columbia Electric Railway, which became the BC Hydro
Railway in 1964. I'd wager that it was already rather old in 1964.

What caught my eye about this car that prompts me to write this message is
the door, as I don't think I've seen this type before. (Though it might
well be a fairly common thing, I've only been seriously interested in
North American railways for half a year or so). Can anyone give a name to
it, or other information?

Frank Valoczy

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