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Richard Hendrickson

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In the Winter '05 issue of the AC&Y HS "News" there is a reprint of
report to the ICC covering the sale of the P&N's 24000-series boxcars
the AC&Y; this has detailed information on the car, including the
However, I can't quite make out the handwriting there - perhaps
would know what it says? What I'd like to know is the brake wheel
The text reads (I've put quotes around the words I can't quite make

Brake mast and racket -
Make: AAR 1 1/4"
Type: "Shearco (Sheavco?)" wheel and chain for additional "b....g"
Photos show these cars with vertical staff hand brakes, which were
required by AAR rules to have a staff diameter of 1-1/4", so that's
obviously what the first line refers to.

In the 1920s several railway appliance manufacturers offered mechanisms
for multiplying the power applied by the brake chain that wound around
the bottom of the vertical staff, thus providing additional braking
power. The two whose names ended with "" were Gemco and Ureco
(Union Railway Equipment Co.). I'd vote for Ureco.

Richard Hendrickson

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