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Save your self $90 bucks and make your own. Use a clear (or almost clear) plastic storage tub. Two 4 inch screw together PVC pipe sections, I think they are for some sort of clean out- total length of the pair is about 6 inches. Playtex rubber gloves , the long ones - in your size and a piece of clear plexiglass about 2 inches bigger than the raised portion of the storage tub. Cut two holes in the long side of the tub about half way between the bottom and the top and about shoulder with ( yours) apart. These holes are for the PVC pipe parts. One half inside and the outer outside and screw together thru the bin side. . stretch the rubber glove over the pipe and secure with a zip tie (oh ya forgot about that, you will need two zip ties)
Take the lid for the bin and cut out the raised portion of the top and place the plexiglass over the opening and run duct tape around the edge to seal the plexi to the top. Makes it easier later to remove and replace the plexi if it gets too scared up. I just drape the air line in under the top and blast away. Outside is better for the light but you can play around with different lights as you see fit. Charlie A.

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Does anyone have any experience or thoughts about this small blast cabinet from harbor

How bout the gun itself....maybe too heavy weight for blasting styrene and resin?

Thanks- Doug Gardner

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