Re: SAL "Silver Comet" or "Silver Star "decals?


Unfortunately I have no sets to part with right now. I
went on a splurge many years ago finding single Champ
Sets that were being discontinued. I managed to just
get 1 of each of the ones in question.

You may try Ebay and some of the forums out there, I
have heard of Seaboard-Atlantic Coast Line groups and
forums, but can't find the links right now.

--- stefanelaine <stefanelaine@...> wrote:

Thanks very much for that! It looks like I'll have
to keep an eye out
for HB-31. Anyone want to part with one or two sets?

--- In STMFC@..., Rich C <rhcdmc@...>


Here is the list of the heralds in the Champ Sets,
some are still available on their website:

HB-7 Route Of The Robert E. Lee
HB-8 The Route Of Courteous Service
HB-13 Route Of The Silver Meteor
HB-31 Silver Comet

I know Walthers made several sets, but I don't
that info handy at the moment.

Rich Christie
--- stefanelaine <stefanelaine@...> wrote:

Thanks, but Ted's excellent decal only has the
Silver Meteor slogan.
Been there...Can anyone confirm what slogan
HB-8 has?

--- In STMFC@..., destron@ wrote:

Doesn't the Speedwitch SAL set have these in
it? I
think it does...
it has
the Robert E Lee slogan, I'd be surprised if
didn't have these.

Frank Valoczy,
New Westminster, BC

Looking for HO Seaboard Air Line decals with
"Silver Comet" or
"Silver Star" slogan for 24300-499,
and 25300-499 PS-1
boxcar series built from 1948-52. Everyone
the "Meteor" slogan
for other cars, but I can't find these two
the usual suspects. Any
Thanks in advance
Stefan Lerche'
Duncan, BC

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