Re: Detail parts availability?

Gatwood, Elden J SAD <Elden.J.Gatwood@...>

Does anyone on the list know of the availability of any of the following
detail parts in HO scale?

1) Early Equipco brake wheel (the one with holes in the center ring,
not triangular cut-outs)?

2) Lever handled brake assembly (other than the Ajax in the P2K gon
kits, or the one on the Tichy sprue)?

3) Two-step,w/angled bottom step - stirrup steps?

4) Superior brake wheel?

5) Klasing (vertical) brake wheel? Any?

6) NICE 8-rung ladders?

7) Early (but long version) "pre-war" Y-town 7' door, in both the
raised splice joint and the depressed splice joint versions?

8) The above, but with the early center/bottom rocker handle?

9) 40' overhanging diagonal panel roof?

10) Straight-taper fixed Dreadnaught Gondola ends?

Oh, also, is Detail Associates still making all their parts, or just certain

Thanks for any help!

Elden Gatwood

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