Re: Detail parts availability?

Tim O'Connor

Ed Hawkins wrote

Regarding your question of 8-rung ladders, it depends on the car
height. Branchline makes a nice set of 8-rung ladders for AAR box cars
of 10'-6" IH and Des Plaines Hobbies offers a set (actually created for
1937 AAR Canadian cars) for 10'-0" IH cars.
Detail Associates makes 8-rung ladders for 10'6" cars (DA 6241). Out
of stock at Walthers. Red Caboose also tooled 8-rung ladders for their
10'6" ex-Front Range box cars, part #8700-03, also out of stock at the

Here is a lever brake from Detail Associates -- I think it was tooled
for modern intermodal cars but it may be adaptable for other uses.

You can shorten a 50' ZU eave roof to make a 40' version. :-) The only
40' versions are made for reefers.

Tim O'Connor

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