Frisco Tank Cars - Type 7


Guys -

I need the help of a REAL Frisco historian here!

We are researching ACF Type 7 (MCB Class II) tank cars. Frisco
purchased 500 of these cars from ACF in two lots back in 1909. Each
lot consisted of 250 cars of 10,000 gallon capacity.

The first group were numbered #19075-#190324, and the second group
were numbered #190325-#190574. All were Frisco cars.

As of March of 1915, the first group contained 246 cars, and the
second contained 246 cars also. By September of 1919, the same
number series contained only 15 and 60 cars respectively! (69 of
these 75 cars were still on the roster in April of 1948).

Actual car numbers diminished as follows, for the first and second
number series respectively, as follows: 3/1915 - 246 and 246;
7/1916 - 238 and 236; 8/1917 - 137 and 141; and 1/1918 - 51 and 54.
By 9/1919, there were only 75 cars total left!

What happened to them? Wherever they went, they left the SL-SF in
substantial numbers between 7/1916 and 9/1919. Did they get
repossessed by the builder? Did they go to some on-line oil refinery?

I am NO expert on the breakup of the Frisco, but by examining ORER's,
they apparently did not go to the CRI&P, C&EI or GCL. I have all
four of Allhand's (he was the contractor who built the GCL and other
Frisco lines) books, but there were no clues in them as to what
happened to these cars.

I appreciate any help you can give on this matter. A manufacturer's
website will have some of this history, along with photos, soon!

A.T. Kott

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