Re: Question - AAR car type codes.

Malcolm Laughlin <mlaughlinnyc@...>

Of course, EARLY in the 20th century it wasn't yet the AAR <g>.
The MCB oversaw the type descriptions before WW I. They are in any
ORER of the period.

It is the MCB codes that I'm talking about. The system was
administered by the AAR in the late steam era. They were superseded
by a four character alph(1)-numneric(3) code that was better suited
for computerization, but after our era.

I'm not aware of a website with them.
It was out there a year ago, with versions from several different
years, but couldn't find it in a Google search. HAd trouble with the
google search last time and had to use some non-obvious query, which
unfortunately I've forgotten.

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