Re: Carmer Cut Lever & Klasing Brake Lever


Thanks Walter for the info. Wish I could oblige you in
getting your SS box cars, I have so many irons in the
fire right now, lol!


--- wmcclark1980 <walterclark@...> wrote:


IMHO Al Westerfield's Carmer cut lever from his USRA
Single Sheathed
Box Car looks a whole bunch better than Martin
Lofton's at Sunshine.
I emailed him one time about buying extras and he
replied the guy who
made the masters retained the rights to the cut
lever because he was
planning on marketing them himself. Haven't seen
them yet. I use a
lot of that car on my (projected) layout and there's
always one or two
usable extras which I keep for other uses<g>. Now
if you need a bunch
of USRA SS boxes or know someone who does....

Walter M. Clark
Time stopped in November 1941
Riverside, California

--- In STMFC@..., "Rich Christie"
<rhcdmc@...> wrote:

Elden just reminded me of a couple of other items
that should be
manufactured and to us, with easier availability.

1. Carmer cut levers (I have seen Sunshine has
made these)

2. Klasing vertical brake lever (As seen on the
War Emergency Gons)

But would be nice if another player made both of

Rich Christie
Near Railtown 1897 Jamestown CA

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