Re: Express Reefers [was Complaint]


Now that the door is open a crack on express reefers, I should draw folks
attention to Sylvan's relatively new CN 10000-10099 express reefer kit in
HO scale. I'm told these wood-sheathed cars were commonly seen in New
England headed to New York loaded with fresh fish from fisheries such as
that based in Prince Rupert BC and the inland fisheries of Manitoba,
Ontario, etc.

These cars were the 1923-25 era 45-foot cars and there are also similar
50-foot cars from 1927-30 (10400 series) in this service which we are
hopeful will come as another Sylvan kit.

. . and if any one needs more detail, you know where I live.

Tom Madden responds to Byron Rose's first post with:

The local RPA wrote:
Which is all he really needed to say. Unlike most other lists, the STMFC has
an RPA. This is good. Someone...Richard probably knows who...wrote that "you
can't go back". But, in this case, he appears to be wrong.

BTW, as moderator, I decree that express reefers can be discussed on this
list. Yes, they operated frequently on passenger...or mail...trains. But,
they also frequently hauled produce of one form or another...and they are
found in the ORER. More importantly, I am modeling the damned things and usual...need help. We also have Branchline bringing out some very
useful models soon.

Mike Brock

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