Re: Molasses in Tank Cars in the 1950s

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Matt Strickland wrote:
Can anyone tell me which type of tank cars were used to transport molasses to and from refineries in Louisana in the 1950s?
I'm sure it could be an ICC 103, though if molasses is an "unregulated commodity" it could be an AAR 203 also.

Were any specific road names used eg UTLX , GATX, Sid Richardson?
Richardson was an oil company AFAIK, so probably not that. In the 1950s UTLX was not yet much into leasing other than petroleum products, so much more likely GATX, maybe cars under lease to a company with its name on the car. And don't forget SHPX and NATX, also active at that time in finding lessees. Hopefully someone will know specifically about Louisiana.

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