Re: Molasses in Tank Cars in the 1950s

Richard Hendrickson

On Jun 6, 2007, at 10:26 AM, timboconnor@... wrote:

I think Sid Richardson produces carbon black.
True in the '50s, and Sid Richardson also operated a sizable fleet of
ICC-105 LPG cars leased (IIRC) from General American (I have photos
somewhere but don't have time to look for them right now). No tank
cars suitable for molasses service, however.

Those famous SP tank cars with the big diamond S on the dome
were in liquid sugar/molasses service.
But not, AFAIK, in Texas; Tony may have more information on this, but
it's my understanding that they were essentially in captive service to
the big C&H sugar refinery in Crockett, CA.

Richard Hendrickson

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