Re: representing cast steel


Funny you brought this up. I was reading Tamiya's magazine last night
and they were talking about this product.

It's called cast-a-coat. Here's a review of it.

You might want to try it.

Also, Krylon which you mentioned has several different textured
paints. Make It Stone! Metallic Textured Paints, Fusion for Plastic
Fusion Hammered, Krylon Contractor Tread & Grip, Krylon Rust Tough
Hamm-R Finishes. I'm not sure of their suitability for models. They
might be far too coarse. Check their website,

Eric Petersson

Bud Rindfleischwrote:

"Well, OK, my caboose question from a week or so ago was probably
sent to the wrong list, so am trying this "modeling" question. Has
anyone tried to simulate the rough finish of cast steel on styrene? I
saw a couple Krylon spray paints that might have some potential in
their "Fusion" line. Made to spray on plastics, one is just a texture
and the other more of a mottled finish, forget what they call it
offhand. I realize that Krylon is not your average modeler's paint
source so am looking to see if anyone else tried a better way. BTW,
I'm trying to represent a cast steel tender underframe as used on (oh,
oh, here's that caboose word again)a Lackawanna 900 series steel used in the steam era behind steam era freight cars."

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