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Exactly what number series are you interested in?


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In RP Cyc Vol 8, there's an excellent article about 10'-0" IH
cars with a detailed roster including the GN cars. With few
exceptions, GN used Morton, Gypsum and Apex RBs on all series of
these cars, so, take your pick! There's a picture of 18368 with
appears to be an Apex RB. Author Ed Hawkins lists "Great
Northern 40'
Steel Box Cars" GNRHS Ref Sheet #61 as a reference. -you may
more specific info there.

-Tony Higgins

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> Group,
> Does anyone know what type of running board is correct for a
GN 12
> panel 10'0" boxcar, like the intermountain kit???
> Thanks,
> Matt Sugerman,
> Ft Worth, TX

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