Re: Molasses in Tank Cars in the 1950s


Tony -

We saw a lot of the SP diamond "S" tank cars down in San Antonio -
Houston area. However, I never did realize that they were associated
with sugar production at Sugar Land. They may have been in water
service in that configuration here too.

MoP subsidiary Sugar Land RR rostered some raised running board tank
cars {SLD #100-#154} (not ACF Type 7's, however) with low domes and
very small safety vent valves that were in sugar service there. A
couple of them later became auxiliary water cars for steam locos.

I know nothing about a facility at Arlington! Did not realize that
Arlington, Tx was even near a T&NO line.

A.T. Kott

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.... Yes. I have photos at Spreckels (note spelling), and I
understand they were used by Imperial Sugar at Sugar Land, Texas
and by an ASRX facility at Arlington (does anyone know about the

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