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I can accept that in concept but I do not know which were
the 12 panel cars. Looking at an equipment book I see a lot
of cars built right around the same era. Some are 3727cuft,
some are 3715cuft, some are 3775cuft. There is one series
built during the war that is 3712cuft.

Need a point of focus here. Looking at this one page I see
40'6" cars with a single 6'0" sliding door that were built
between 1927 and 1959. I'm sure many of these were rebuilds
on old underframes.

How about a little sniff of brakeshoe smoke so I can pick
up the trail?


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Russ I'm sure many of us are interested in these cars -- I have
about 6 unbuilt kits and I'd love to know what running boards,
handbrakes, and trucks to use on any of the 12 panel cars for
GN as well as SP&S. I know there was more than one group of
cars with slightly different details.

Tim O'Connor

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