Re: Molasses in Tank Cars in the 1950s

Lee Gautreaux


I plan on modeling a cane sugar mill on my 1960's based Louisiana
layout one day, so I've been digging to find any evidence of SP or
T&NO lettered tank cars being used at any of those mills/refineries
for liquid sugar or molasses service. I interviewed an SP/T&NO
freight agent who started in the 1940's who has a good memory about
many of the details of the Southdown Sugar refinery on the Houma
branch. He says that he cannot recall ever having a railroad
lettered tank car at the refinery, only lease fleet cars. I have
seen numerous other older photos from various south Louisiana mills
and have never seen any SP tank cars. I have seen numerous older,
railroad owned gons and box cars, however.

Lee A. Gautreaux - The Bayou Foamer

PS - The bristles from a stiff broom make great cane loads.

Hopefully someone will know
specifically about Louisiana.

Tony Thompson

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