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Schuyler Larrabee

Hi Dean

I did some Taurus Products ladders on some cabooses for the Chesapeake & Lake Erie. I can take a
picture of them tomorrow night, and send it to you. Walthers' listing for this is not illustrated.
It is a fairly nice etching, but I believe it's round at the top, not the 45 degree angles you

Are they flat in both the vertical stiles and the 45 degree part? Got a link to a picture?

La vita e breve, mangiate prima il dolce!

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I need to finish my kitbash of a W&LE caboose. I have a pair of
Athearn caboose ladders (# 12504) but I now realize they are
too crude
for the rest of the work I put into it. These ladders don't
curve over
the top in an arc, these bend down at a 45 degree angle or so. The
prototype uses a flat stile and round rungs. I don't think I am good
enought to fabricate a decent stile out of styrene, nor would it be
sturdy enough. The Athearn ladder is sturdy enough, but it is
obviously stamped out of a flat sheet of metal. Does anybody make a
higher-quality part? TCS makes a resin kit for the caboose, I wonder
what ladder they use?

Dean Payne

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