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I need to finish my kitbash of a W&LE caboose. I have a pair of
Athearn caboose ladders (# 12504) but I now realize they are too crude
for the rest of the work I put into it. These ladders don't curve over
the top in an arc, these bend down at a 45 degree angle or so. The
prototype uses a flat stile and round rungs. I don't think I am good
enought to fabricate a decent stile out of styrene, nor would it be
sturdy enough. The Athearn ladder is sturdy enough, but it is
obviously stamped out of a flat sheet of metal. Does anybody make a
higher-quality part? TCS makes a resin kit for the caboose, I wonder
what ladder they use?

Dean Payne
You might look at both the CalScale and Precision Scale lines for tall
tender ladders in brass. These are typically flat bar stock stiles
with round rungs, and should be able to be bent to the angle you need
and cut to length. They'd be plenty sturdy.

These might work:


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