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John F. Cizmar

I'd be interested to have a look at the Taurus items as well. My AMB NKP 1000 series project is stalled due to my limited fabricating skills. I've had moderate success drilling some brass flat stock for the ladders. One the stiles took me 11/2 hours to drill. The result is disapointing as I need to make (3) more.
John Cizmar
Schuyler Larrabee <schuyler.larrabee@...> wrote:
Hi Dean

I did some Taurus Products ladders on some cabooses for the Chesapeake & Lake Erie. I can take a
picture of them tomorrow night, and send it to you. Walthers' listing for this is not illustrated.
It is a fairly nice etching, but I believe it's round at the top, not the 45 degree angles you

Are they flat in both the vertical stiles and the 45 degree part? Got a link to a picture?

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I need to finish my kitbash of a W&LE caboose. I have a pair of
Athearn caboose ladders (# 12504) but I now realize they are
too crude
for the rest of the work I put into it. These ladders don't
curve over
the top in an arc, these bend down at a 45 degree angle or so. The
prototype uses a flat stile and round rungs. I don't think I am good
enought to fabricate a decent stile out of styrene, nor would it be
sturdy enough. The Athearn ladder is sturdy enough, but it is
obviously stamped out of a flat sheet of metal. Does anybody make a
higher-quality part? TCS makes a resin kit for the caboose, I wonder
what ladder they use?

Dean Payne

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