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Hi Guys,

Can anyone tell me which type of tank cars were used to transport
molasses to and from refineries in Louisana in the 1950s?

Were any specific road names used eg UTLX , GATX, Sid Richardson?

Thanks in advance for your help

Dear Matt
I have two tankcars decaled for the "Williams Molasses Co". of New
Orleans. My name is Williams and I live in the N.O. area so I had to
get these decals when I saw them in the Champ catalog years ago. The
one I have in front of me is lettered HTCX 630. This is a good number
for the Harbor Tank Line Company of Chicago listed in my 1943 ORER.
(by the '50s, I don't know)I am "assuming" that Champ did their
research properly!
A mutual friend of mine and Andy Sperandeo has a model tankcar on his
layout lettered with decals sent to him by Andy for another New
Orleans molasses company. I think that the name was Richardson but
couldn't swear to it. Andy, do you remember? I'll forward your
message to my friend and ask him to check his car and contact you.
Bill Williams

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