Taurus Ladders

Schuyler Larrabee

With apologies about the length of time it's taken me to make good on my promise, I have uploaded
two workbench shots of Chesapeake System Caboose 425, equipped with Taurus photoetched ladders. It
may be worth mentioning that I did these cabooses (four) at least 15 years ago, and they have
resided on the North Shore club's layout since then. In general, they have survived the handling
(and manhandling) that they get in a club environment quite well. On occasion I've had to un-smash
the top curved parts of the stiles, but generally they remain in pretty good condition. I don't
remember if this was in the instructions, but I bent over the ends of the stiles and used brass NBW
castings to make a pinned connection at both the top and bottom of the ladder, so they are pinned in
place at four points. The point being you should not assume that the delicate look means a delicate

Dean, the top doesn't much resemble your description,

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