GACX 41001

Schuyler Larrabee

I was lucky enough to fall into ownership of a bound copy of Rwy Age, Jan-Mar 1951. There is much
interesting reading and advertising in here.

In the January 15th issue, there is a review of several aspects of railroad locomotives and other
equipment, including freight cars. (Was this an annual review? It implies so in the text, but I'm
not certain.) There is, on page 211 of the January 15,1951 issue, an overhead 3/4 view of GACX
41001. It's a single-sheathed, I suppose, covered hopper with exposed Pratt trussed structure on
the sides. The hoppers are such that the slope of the sides of the hoppers begins behind the truss
about 1/3 of the way up from the side sill, and then slopes inward toward the center. There are
small round hatches, four on each side. The overall length isn't given, but appears to be on the
order of 45-50'

Is/was this a one-off experimental/demonstrator design? I don't recall seeing such a car before.
There is nothing in the Archives on this car.

La vita e breve, mangiate prima il dolce!

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