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Schuyler Larrabee wrote:
I was lucky enough to fall into ownership of a bound copy of Rwy Age, Jan-Mar 1951. There is much interesting reading and advertising in here.
In the January 15th issue, there is a review of several aspects of railroad locomotives and other
equipment, including freight cars. (Was this an annual review? It implies so in the text, but I'm
not certain.)
Yes, a review and statistical summary was printed for many years.

There is, on page 211 of the January 15,1951 issue, an overhead 3/4 view of GACX 41001. It's a single-sheathed, I suppose, covered hopper with exposed Pratt trussed structure on the sides . . .
Is/was this a one-off experimental/demonstrator design?
GATC built several experimental and demonstrator cars in this period. For example, the first "Airslide" car was GACX 40999. You can see the closeness of the car number <g>.
Wasn't the truss-side design a larger capacity car? That sticks in my memory. It may have been shown in a Cyc or somewhere comparable.

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