Re: Portland, OR area hobby shops

Richard Townsend

Whistle Stop, on Division (just east of I-205), is pretty good. Their Steam Era Freight Car kit selection is fairly small, but they do have the usual selection of RTR and simpler kits.

Tammies, in Beaverton (east of Portland out OR 26), is sort of like Grand-dad's (which I imagine is your LHS) on steroids.  They have trains, RC, military, etc., but their STFC selection can be better than Whistle Stop.  As can their prices, in my experience. 

A little farther out is Mainline Trains, in Forest Grove.  It's a small shop but usually has an interesting selection of kits, RTR, and used items.  IMHO it is worth the drive out there.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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I will be in Portland, OR the week of June 18. Are there any "not to be
missed" hobby shops in that area?

I know about about the Used Technical Bookstore.

Bill Welch

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