Re: Truth in Advertising


Since this is the only way we can get more accurate models in the
future, I applaud Athearn for their efforts at being forthright and
advising the customer exactly what they are buying. This is long
overdue and hopefully will be a successful strategy for them. Let's
hope others follow suit... (we won't name names here)
Stefan Lerche'
Duncan, BC

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Yes. That's the irony of it all - getting a very accurate ATSF model
from Athearn in multiple slogans and car numbers, then watching them
having to offer it in bogus schemes to help pay off their investment.
The Rath and Wilson cars are particularly puzzling - I've never come
across 50 ft ice/brine meat reefer prototypes.

Ben Hom

But Ben, they are being truthful. I find it refreshing, and I have
a hard
time finding fault when the company IS trying to pay off their
investment in an
accurate model that they do offer in a correct scheme by also
offering these
schemes. This is not a case of buyer beware, it is a case of
Atheran offering
something to people who might want it, and telling everyone up front
that the
schemes are not accurate. Would be nice if all the manufacturers
suite. You aren't out anything, you still have Santa Fe schemes
available. What
is the "irony?"

Jerry Michels

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