Tahoe Model Works Caboose trucks & Others

Andy Carlson

Caboose trucks
I have 10 pair of Tahoe Model Works code 88 wheelset equipped Bettendorf Swing Motion Caboose trucks in stock. Priced at $5.00/pair.

I have a 5 pair of code 110 wheelset equipped Caboose trucks available, also priced at $5.00/pair.

Restocked on plain wheelset-less caboose trucks; are available at $3.00/pair.

Dalmann 2-level
I have 6 pair of code 88 wheelset equipped Dalmann 2 level lateral motion trucks at $5.00/pair.

Same, but with code 110 wheelsets.....$5.00/pair

Dalmann 2-level lateral motion wheelset-less trucks at $3.00/pair

Postage of $2.50 per order. Contact me off-list, if interested.

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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