Re: PFE Reefer Usage in Spring of 1944

Bruce Smith

On Fri, June 15, 2007 9:13 pm, ogdentowebercanyon wrote:
I am modeling the spring of 1944 on a small branchline in Utah so it
is most likely that there was not any PFE traffic but I would like to
have some PFE cars. Is it possible that they were usinging PFE cars
for other non-perishable shipments during this time? I know in the
off seasons that they did this and they might have done this during
WW2 also, but want to be sure. Thanks.

Jason Sanford


Two points here:
1) Given the date, you need to regard all reefers as being part of a
national pool, since the car service rules for them had been suspended.
Thus, with PFE having the larges fleet, they would be most likely, but you
would also have a reasonable chance of getting an FGE or other reefer if
one was called for.

2) Unfortunately for you, one of the reasons the rules were suspended was
a reefer car shortage. Thus, while reefers were commonly used for
backhaul when empty this is less likely during WWII, as that reefer may be
hauling produce in BOTH directions, and it would have been very unlikely
for a reefer to be diverted up a branch such as yours with a backhaul.
I've learned to never say impossible, but it would definitely be unlikely.


Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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