Re: DCC wheel sounds

cj riley <cjriley42@...>

I have had good luck with flat spots filed on a FEW wheels and small notches
filed in the rails (at 39' centers) on an up front section of track. stagger
the notches on each rail for best efect. This does not need to be done
everywhere, but on up close areas it is very effective.

CJ Riley

--- Dean Payne <deanpayne@...> wrote:

Broadway came out with their stock cars with livestock sounds, which
sounds silly to some people (I don't care much one way or the other).
Watching a train the other day, it occurred to me that a much better
use of on-car sound would be to produce normal wheel sounds, like the
squeal on curves, or more likely the clickety-clack of track joints, or
the bang-bang-bang of an out-of-round wheel. The clickety-clack would
be problematical on a long train, the sound would follow the front,
middle, or rear of the train, unless you had several cars so equiped.
Synching the sound to the speed of the train might be trouble, I don't
know much about DCC sound. Are any of these ideas practical? I think
there's potential... But I fear these are too obvious, so there must
be some reason why pig sounds won out over wheel sounds.
Dean Payne

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